We offer Rock Chip Repair and Ceramic coating

Drive around Lubbock, TX in a flawless car

Here at Neck Breaker, we can usually repair your windshield when:
1. You have three chips or less
2. The chip is smaller than a quarter
3. The damage is not in front of a camera or a sensor
We can usually get you in same day and the repair will be under 45 minutes.
Call today to schedule your auto rock chip repair in Lubbock, TX.

Neck Breaker uses ARMOR SHIELD IX that rejects UV rays, road grime, mud, pollen, acid rain, your father's insults, bird droppings, and any other crud. While its hydrophobic properties simply whip water away, making your car wash easy like Sunday morning, we guarantee at least two year's protection when adequately applied. ARMOR SHIELD IX's translucent coating is also guaranteed to work on all vinyl wraps, paint protection films, clear bras, carbon fiber, and powder-coated surfaces. Appointments can be made via phone call, today!

Don't postpone scheduling your rock chip repair

Don't postpone scheduling your rock chip repair

It's best to schedule your auto rock chip repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If you ignore small cracks, they will eventually spread and ruin the look of your car. Addressing this issue early is the best way to avoid expensive repairs.

Contact our team right away to schedule your paint chip repair in West Texas!